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Floral Absolute/ Concretes

The plant parts used for extraction of floral concretes are like Flowers.
In some cases, the fragrance imbued in organic materials may be damaged by certain extraction methods, such as the heat from steam distillation.
Solvent extraction uses hydrocarbons (such as hexane) to extract the volatile compounds without degrading them in the process.
Once the solvent is removed, the resulting product is known as a Concrete. The extract contains the volatile aroma /flavor molecules in addition to chlorophyll and other plant tissues, resulting in a highly colored and viscous extract.
The Absolute of the flower is used in High-Cost Perfumes and lends a unique Floral, Herbaceous, Warm and Woody aroma.
Absolutes are produced through Solvent extraction, or more traditionally, through Effleurage..

Champaca Absolute / Concrete
Frangipani Absolute / Concrete
Jasmine Sambac Absolute / Concrete
Jasmine Grandiflora Absolute / Concrete
Mimosa Absolute / Concrete
Pink Lotus Absolute / Concrete
Rose Flower Absolute / Concrete
Tuberose Absolute / Concrete

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co2 extraction technology
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