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Drug Intermediates / Alkaloids

Drug Intermediates / Alkaloids / Phyto-pharmaceuticals like Berberine Hydrochloride, Ajmalacine, Bergapten, Colchicine, Brucine, Calcium Sennosides, Reserpine, Emetine Hydrochloride, Escine, Rutin, Methoxsalen, Psoralen, Silymarin etc...

Indo World Trading Company was established for the purpose of providing high quality active pharmaceutical ingredients/drug Intermediates/Alkaloids.

This is a list of our main Intermediates/Alkaloids products only. If you have interest in any other Dehydrated products please contact us.

Ajmalacine (Raubasine) Chromium Picolinate USP Papain BP/USP
Berberine Hydrochloride/Nitrate/Sulphate Colchicine BP/USP Phytosterols
Bergapten Escin Potassium Iodide
Brucine Pure Anhydrous/Sulphate NF Forskohliin 98% USP Reserpine BP/USP
Calcium Sennosides (A & B) upto 60% BP Maganese Glycerophosphate Strychnine Hydrochloride/Nitrate/Sulphate/Alkaloid NF
Camptothecine Methoxsalen (Xanthotoxin) BP/USP  

What's New
co2 extraction technology
We now offer high purity Botanical Extracts, Natural Essential Oils etc.. using super critical fluid Extraction Technology (CO2). We have standardized number of Botanical Extracts, Natural Essential Oils, Spice Oils......