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Dehydrated/Spray Dried Vegetables/Fruits

Dehydrates of Vegetable & Fruits can be used in dry soup mixes, canned soups & sauces, frozen entrees, processed meats, baby foods, dairy products & seasoning blends.

Dehydration of fruits & vegetables is done by various processes like Traditional Sun Drying, Solar Dryers, Mechanical Dryers, vacuum freeze drying , vacuum drying, Osmotic dehydration, dehydration through explosion puffing and microwave based technique, scientific cultivation of vegetables and hot air dehydration processing.

This is a list of our main Dehydrated Vegetables/Fruits products only. If you have interest in any other Dehydrated Vegetables/ Fruits products please contact us.

Banana Powder Garlic Powder/Flakes/Granules Orange Juice Powder
Bitter Gourd (Momordica Charantia) Ginger Powder Papaya Powder
Broccoli Powder Grape Fruit Juice Powder Pineapple Fruit Juice Powder
Cabbage Powder Green Chilli Potato Fingers / Granules/ Powder
Capsicum Slice Lime Juice Powder Red Beet Juice Powder
Carrot Flakes / Bits/ Powder Mango Juice Powder / Slices Spinach Leaves / Powder
Cauliflower Powder Mint Leaves / Powder/ Flakes Tomato Powder
Corriander Leaves/Powder Mushroom Pieces Unripe Banana Powder
Curry Leaves Mustard Leaves Unripe Papaya Powder
Fenugreek Leaves Onion Powder/Flakes  

Dried or Dehydrated Vegetables and Fruits and  can be produced by a variety of processes.

Dehydration of Vegetables and Fruit is one of the oldest forms of Food preservation techniques known to man and consists primarily of establishments engaged in Sun Drying or artificially Dehydrating Vegetables and Fruits.

Dehydrated Vegetables and Fruits are used for giving Flavors to the Packed Foods etc.

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