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The  word   “ AROMATHERAPY”  means therapy through Aroma.

It is a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials, known as Essential Oils and other Aromatic compounds for the purpose of managing and rehabilitating Mind, Mood , Cognitive and Health. There are a wide number of Essential Oils available; each with their own proven healing properties.

Essential Oils stimulate the limbic system of the brain which helps body to find a Natural way to cure itself and improve immune system.

Essential Oils are absorbed also through the skin and promote holistic healing and have therapeutic potential also.

Modes of application :
Aerial Diffusion
• Direct Inhalation
• fTropical  Application

Aromatherapy can benefit in

Chronic Disorders Age Related Disorders Skin Disorders
Women Disorders Life Style Disorders  

What's New
co2 extraction technology
We now offer high purity Botanical Extracts, Natural Essential Oils etc.. using super critical fluid Extraction Technology (CO2). We have standardized number of Botanical Extracts, Natural Essential Oils, Spice Oils......